I LIKE these FMQ designs

As you might have guessed, I am still working thru Angela Walters “Filler FMQ Challenge”, and this week I hit a bunch of designs that I LOVE!!!

The first one was so simple but very effective…..

….make a wavy line and add a circle here and there!!!

She also suggested adding figure 8’s instead of just the circle so I will need to try that one!!

The next one was rows of Ribbon Candy……

I LOVE doing ribbon candy, and when you put them in wavy rows like this….oh my!!

I always have to stop and figure out where my first stitches need to head BEFORE I start stitching. I did this video of my “thinking”…..

I apologize for it being blurry, but I think that you can still get the idea of me having to trace it out several times before I start sewing. If I don’t do this step, I will get myself completely messed up….not for the first time!!

The next design was more wavy lines, but this time filled with arcs……

I did have trouble keeping the wavy lines parallel. You can see how I have veered WAY out at the bottom…..

I ended up going back up to the middle of the errant line…..

…..and re-sewing before I added the arcs.

I had a similar problem on the next one. These lines were supposed to be mirror images of each other…..


Next, I tried drawing guidelines to help me stay straight…..

….but those didn’t do the trick either!!

Finally, I physically drew in the lines…..

They really do change character when you add a “snowflake” design to them……

I am not sure why I had so much trouble with wavy lines this time. It may have made a difference that I was working on an area that had slopping slides and “felt” diagonal. At least, we will say was what happened!!!

Even though I struggled a bit with these particular designs, I DEFINITELY found ones that will go into my FMQ library!!

Come back next week as we finish off this challenge!!!

3 thoughts on “I LIKE these FMQ designs

  1. They all look great! I love the look of wavy lines and ribbon candy — in other people’s quilts! I can never get them to look as round and smooth as I would like. Yours look lovely!

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