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How am I going to quilt it?

Early this summer, I finished up the group quilt that I had done with several women from Australia and one from New Zealand.

Once I had resized a few of the blocks…..

…..it was quick work to put these brightly colored blocks together…..

…..and then add a fun border…..

But, HOW was I going to quilt it!!

Because I couldn’t answer that question, it languished in the “work-in-progress” bin for the past 3 months!!

Since I was afraid that it was going to turn into a fully-fledged UFO, I decided that it was TIME to get it quilted!!

When I can’t figure out how to quilt something, I try to start with the first thing that I see……in this case, the diagonals in the yellow, green, and orange squares…..

Then, I was pretty sure that I wanted to add some arcs in the pink pinwheels…..

I accomplished these using one of Angela Walters new rulers called “Smiley”…..

I used the longer and gentler curve to quilt the long hypotenuse line…..

….and the shorter, curvier side for the 90-degree sides…..

But, NOW I was stumped……

Come back tomorrow to see my decisions!!!

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