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Piecing Half Circles

Yesterday I posted about how easy it was to piece arcs!!

After I accomplished the single arc, I moved on to double arcs……

….and then headed into half-circle territory!!

For these, I cut two pieces of fabric that were 6-1/2 by 12-1/2 inches…..

The first step was to fold the fabric in half, perpendicular to the long edge add place the ruler on top…..

This time I had to be very careful how the ruler was placed!! The one folded edge had to line up with the “folded edge” line and the raw edge lined up with the “1/4-inch seam” line…..

Once cut, it looked like this…..

….and opened up to this…..

I followed the same procedure with the background fabric, remembering to cut the arc 1/2-inch smaller than the inside arc!!

I glued and pinned the arc in place and then sewed, starting at the center and sewing to the end…..

I then returned to the center and did the same thing going the other way.

For some reason, this one didn’t turn out the proper size, but it was easy to cut it down to 6.5 x 12.5…..

I continued and made three more half-circle blocks and they all worked out fine so I am not sure exactly what I did wrong with this first one!!

OKAY, now I can piece…..

  • Arcs
  • Double Arcs
  • Half-Circles

Can I piece an entire circle???

Come back on Thursday for that answer!!!

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