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Let’s take them all the way around

On the weekend, I posted about piecing arcs and half-circle designs.

The question now is can I piece an ENTIRE circle???

The first step was to cut two squares that were 12-1/2 inches and fold them into fourths…..

This time the ruler had to be lined up along the “folded edge” line for BOTH sides…..

I made the cut here and for the background fabric and ended up with these two pieces…..

I carefully matched the edges (more about that in a minute) and sewed around the entire circle and LOOK…..

A PERFECT circle pieced inside a square!!! I am SO excited!!

I cut out two more pieces and started again…….

By now, I was feeling more comfortable with the process and settled into a pattern for pinning and sewing.

I decided to match the arcs and glue at 8 points along the circle….

I also added a pin to each of these points but did NOT glue down the entire circle.

Once it was all glued and pinned…….

….I moved to the sewing machine and carefully sewed between each pin!! I found that it helped to use a stiletto to keep the fabrics lined up…..

When I finished sewing it was a bit wrinkled…..

…but spritzing it with a bit of water before ironing made all the difference…..

It turned out beautifully…..

OKAY…..that was piecing a BIG circle……could I piece another circle INSIDE of this one??

I folded the fabric where I wanted the new circle to be……

….and made my cut…..

I just followed the procedure that I had set and had the circle inset in no time…..


Now that I had all of these blocks that were (magically) all the same sizes, I had fun playing to design a layout and borders for this great charity quilt…..

Now it is time to plan a serious quilt using circles!!!

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