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The rest of the winners…

Yesterday I posted about the Grand Prize-Winning quilt at the International Quilt Festival. It was amazing, but so were the other big winners…..

This quilt by Debbie & Mike Corbett won the “Gammill Machine Artistry” award……

“Soul of the Southwest”

This was the artist’s statement….

Our love of Native American artwork inspired us to recreate an authentic serape quilt. The process began with selecting the correct quilt pattern, fabric colors, quilting designs and thread colors. The quilt consists of 2,426 one-inch pieces, 12 different thread colors and over one million quilting stitches. The 28 custom quilting designs were created from traditional vintage pottery artwork from the Acoma, Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo people.

Here is an up-close of the quilting…..

Next is the Superior Threads “Thread Artistry Award” winner….. “Dear Humans” from Sue Sherman.

“Dear Humans”

This quilt is dyed and painted and then thread painted. The maker said that most of the images were taken from her own photographs.

The Janome Artistry award went to Susan De Vanny…..

“Born To Be Wild”

This beauty is a mixture of techniques, including machine applique, embellishment, quilting, collage, and thread sketching

The eQuilter Contemporary Artistry award went to Roberta Lagomarsini…..

“Blue Basket”

It was machine appliqued and quilted and include fused applique and paint.

Finally, Aki Sakai won the Grace Company Traditional Artistry award…..

“Merry Christmas”

This amazing hand-applique quilt had tons of special touches that proved it was definitely a winner.

Just look at this edge treatment…..

In case you are wondering, those are TINY, TINY Yo-yo’s!!!

I spoke with one of the judges for the show and asked how they were able to decide on these winners. She said that at that final stage, you are looking for the little things that put it above another quilt, but that it is a HARD decision.

One of the things that I appreciated about the winners this year is that there was a full range of techniques….tiny piecing, amazing thread painting, gorgeous free-motion quilting, and outstanding applique!!!

It was truly the best of all worlds!!!

OKAY….so those are the winners. Over the next few days, I am going to show you some of my favorites.

Please come back for more!!!

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