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Hotel Bathroom Inspiration

If you have been a reader for any length of time, you will know that I love to find inspiration everywhere I go….even in bathrooms.

Or maybe I should say “ESPECIALLY” in bathrooms!!

On a recent trip, the shower area had this decoration…..

My showers got longer and longer each day as I carefully studied the designs in each of the tile squares!!

Wouldn’t it be fun to start with white fabric and, using only one paint color, start painting the fabric leaving streaks as you painted??

You could then add some white to the color to dilute it further and keep painting.

I can see painting the fabrics and then cutting them into squares OR…..

maybe use tape to mark off the “grout” and paint on the actual quilt top.

Have you ever done anything like this before??? What were your results??

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2 thoughts on “Hotel Bathroom Inspiration

  1. My husband is currently in the hospital undergoing chemo and the tiles here had me thinking of design too! I was steering towards my scrap piles and making charms with borders but I like your idea of painting much better. 🙂 Hope you’ll experiment!

    1. Hi Stephanie. I am so sorry that your husband is in chemo. My husband has been thru that too! I am glad that you are still finding new designs even amidst the hard times. I will play and hope that you will too. Either way, please send me the results!!!

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