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Crafts from Kathmandu….

The first of these are two videos taken in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Back in 2015 we did a ten day trek in the Himalayas but also had the opportunity to visit several areas in Kathmandu. These videos were shot in a rug making facility.

As we walked up to the building, I caught a peek inside one of the neighboring buildings and caught this wonderful sight…..

…a great portent of what was in the next building!!

Then, seeing these dyed yarns drying on the roof added to my excitement…..

All of the women working in this area were so kind. They were all sitting on the floor and using the hand spinners that were made popular by Ghandi…..

I loved watching this woman spin the yarn……

…and then moving to the weaving area…..

Each woman had the pattern attached to the top of the loom and baskets of gorgeous colored yarns sitting beside them.

Just watch this weaver….

She seldom even looks at what she is doing!!!

Earlier that day, we spent time in Derber Square and if you would like to read more about the trip, here is that post…..

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