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It’s Here….It’s Here

On Monday I went to the mailbox and found a large envelope from Australia and I KNEW what it contained!!!

Well, let me back up a bit….

Back in August, the Modern Quilt Guild issued an invitation to sign up for a “mini swap” and I happily added my name!!

A few weeks later I was introduced to Christine from Moruya in New South Wales, Australia!! I was so excited.

As Christine and I emailed back and forth, I learned that she was a retired teacher who had a machine-quilting business for a number of years. Now she just quilts for herself, family, and friends.

Over the last few months, she and I have been emailing back and forth, each trying to find something that would inspire our quilt for the other one.

Today I received the quilt from Christine……

….MAN did she knock it out of the park!!

I love the asymmetry of the quilt and all of the amazing fabrics. I love the way that she sprinkled bits of yellows and reds in with the blues…..

And, look at the quilting…..

It adds so much texture to the piece……

I even love the backing fabric…..

This is such a wonderful gift and I am so happy with it!!

I have finished her quilt and put it in the mail. Once she receives it, I will post more about its making.

And also I want to give a special thank you to Kaela who was our “swap fairy”…..she was so encouraging and helpful!!!

Thank you Christine…..this has been a wonderful journey!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Here….It’s Here

  1. I say you got really lucky. Just like on Christmas morning, when you opened your package, you didn’t even have to put on a fake “I love it smile” I am anxious to see what you sent.
    What a fun adventure that was. Thanks for sharing.

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