Grid Quilting-is 3rd time the charm?…

This week I have moved on to a different type of grid quilting.

It is still a simple design….I am NOT ready for any of the fancy ones!!

This time I used a simple back-and-forth quilting pattern….

….and ended up fairly pleased with the results.

Throughout this video, I kept saying that I wasn’t all that excited by how the quilting was looking. But, be sure and watch this video until the end because once I have removed those blue lines, the ENTIRE piece changes for the better!!

IF you receive notification of this blog via email, the video will NOT appear and you will need to click into the actual blog to get to the video. It’s one of those “technical” issues that I can’t do anything about!!

Just look at some of the textures that came out while working with 1-inch squares….

And when I switched to a 1/2-inch grid and added a layer of wool batting…..

It doesn’t get much better than that!!!

Come back next week for more!!

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