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Split Rectangle Designs

On Tuesday I posted about using Deb Tucker’s ruler (Split-Rects) to make a series of Split Rectangle blocks…..

Now that I had a bunch made, it was time to figure out what I could do with them!!

I spent time looking at quilts online and found LOTS of ideas, but nothing that appealed to me.

I did play some with stars…..

And some other ideas…..

…but didn’t come up with anything that I was really excited about.

I also played with random placement…..

…but that was just “MEH!!”

So, I decided to lay out all of the squares, separating them between the two layouts…..

HMMMM….. I kind of like the straight diagonal lines that appear.

I wanted it to be very random, so I took all of the blocks, mixed them up, and put them in a pile…..

I stood at the design wall and picked up one at a time (without peeking) and placed it on the wall. This was my “random” design…..

I kind of like that!!!

This quilt needed to be 24-inches or less, and I was afraid that it would be pretty boring if the ENTIRE quilt was made of these triangles. So, I got rid of two columns and one row of blocks…..

….giving me room to add two borders!!

Piecing the blocks was super easy and I was pleased with how the points came together.

I added a scrappy border and called the top finished…..

Since I had some blocks left over, I used them and pieced the quilt back too…..

Come back tomorrow for the quilting!!!

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