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Quilting the Swap Quilt

Yesterday I posted about the quilt top that I made using Split Rectangle blocks.

Now it was time to quilt it.

And the old question of…….BUT HOW DO I QUILT IT????

I started out using Procreate on my I-Pad but couldn’t tell much about the designs I was looking at.

So, I covered the top with a piece of clear, plastic shower curtain and used a water-soluble marker to try a bunch of designs.

Did I like straight lines?

They look good, but would be REALLY hard to quilt without breaking my thread a BUNCH of times!!

How about Squiggles…..

I like those but it would mean a LOT of quilting and I am not sure that I want to spend that much time on it.

How about some spirals?

What about curves using an Arc-Ruler?

Either these or the spirals were my favorite so I decided to make a test piece….

At this point, I was thinking Spirals.

BUT, when I started on the quilt, I made the first one and it looked horrible…..

OKAY….pick that out and switch to arcs!!

I found that, if I concentrated, I could easily move from blcok to block without having to stop…..

I ended up having to break thread twice but wouldn’t have if I had planned it better. Oh Well!!

I was racing along to finish the borders when I hit this slight snag…..

Don’t you hate it when the backing fabric gets folded over!!

Here is the finished quilt……

Come back tomorrow and we will do a recap!!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

Click HERE for more information

3 thoughts on “Quilting the Swap Quilt

  1. Nice quilt and quilting! It seems to me that it is necessary to stitch the backing to the quilting at least once per quilt–no matter how careful. Just happened to me too.

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