Mug Rug Thank You

This week I have been talking about the Modern Quilt Guild Mini Swap.

My swap partner, Christine, and I have been helped along the way by our “Swap Fairy” named Kaela!! She did a marvelous job of keeping us on track and checking in to see how we were doing.

After I had finished Christine’s quilt I decided to make a little something for Kaela too. And, since I had a bunch of Split-Rectangle blocks left, I decided to play with them!!

The problem is that I couldn’t make up my mind!!

I tried several different arrangements…..

Finally, I decided to make it square…..

….and add a small border to it.

I wanted to use the same fabric that I had used in the bigger quilt, but I honestly couldn’t figure out which shelf I put it on!!!

I finally opted for a completely different color!!!!

I decided to do a “pillow case” finishing technique so that I wouldn’t have to bind it!!

It was quick and easy gift….

….to tell Kaela how much we appreciated her help!!

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