Mug Rug Thank You

This week I have been talking about the Modern Quilt Guild Mini Swap.

My swap partner, Christine, and I have been helped along the way by our “Swap Fairy” named Kaela!! She did a marvelous job of keeping us on track and checking in to see how we were doing.

After I had finished Christine’s quilt I decided to make a little something for Kaela too. And, since I had a bunch of Split-Rectangle blocks left, I decided to play with them!!

The problem is that I couldn’t make up my mind!!

I tried several different arrangements…..

Finally, I decided to make it square…..

….and add a small border to it.

I wanted to use the same fabric that I had used in the bigger quilt, but I honestly couldn’t figure out which shelf I put it on!!!

I finally opted for a completely different color!!!!

I decided to do a “pillow case” finishing technique so that I wouldn’t have to bind it!!

It was quick and easy gift….

….to tell Kaela how much we appreciated her help!!

If you have an interest in ruler quilting, check out this online course…..

Click HERE for more information

Mug rugs or Art??

My sweet D-I-L, Amber, is a wonderful gift-giver. She always thinks carefully about what the receiver would want and then selects THE BEST present!!

This past summer she attended a week-long art camp at the Shakerag Workshop in Tennessee. While there, she met a textile artist named Linda Warschoff (@oneofakindtextiles) and she purchased two amazing mug rugs for my Christmas present…..

The first one…..

….is too fun to actually use, so it has been given a spot on the wall……

The second one…..

….is the PERFECT size to hold my drink on the machine table…..

Thank you Amber for finding the perfect gifts for me!!!

Snowman Mug Rugs

As I was getting ready for my small group gathering, I started thinking how much fun it would be to give each one of them a small gift.

About the same time, I was reading the blog of Jennifer Jangles and she gave a free pattern for a CUTE snowman mug rug…..

Click HERE for the full size pattern……

Since I didn’t really get started on them until the morning of our get together, they had to be fast, fast fast!!!   I finished the last one at 5:05pm when I had to leave the house at 5:30….cutting it a BIT close!!!


Here is a family portrait……DSC08972

A great, easy, fast and fun project!!!

AND, fortunately, I didn’t run out of thread……


…..but it was close!!!!