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Background First

The first project that I worked on at my guild retreat was the Monarch Challenge that I had started at home. You can read about the process up to this point in this post…..

When I left you, I had started making thin strip strata and cutting them into squares. My first step was to finish this process…..

I liked how it looked, so went back and started adding the 1/4-circles in each of the corners…..

You can note here that each block layout matches the design that I had drawn.

I THOUGHT that I done a good job of pinning each circular part in the correct corner of each block, but apparently, that was NOT the case.

When I finished piecing I couldn’t get them back into the same orientation, so this is what I finally decided on…..

I was very frustrated that I had messed up the piecing, but finally decided since much of it will be covered with other designs, that I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

Personally, I blame the camaraderie of the retreat but, honestly, I would have probably done the same thing if I was sitting in my studio by myself!!

As I said “goodnight” to my fellow quilters, I was already starting to think about the next steps!!

Come back tomorrow for more……

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