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A cute crumb quilt….

Have you ever made a crumb quilt?

I have made one!!

“Crumbs for the Geese” was so much fun to make and there is even a pattern available for it!!!

While at the gym last week, I saw a video about making a different type of “crumb quilt” and I thought that it was a great idea.

You might enjoy seeing it too…..

The video is a bit long, but you might do what I do and speed it up to 200%. You still can see how things are done but do it faster!! Of course, you NEVER want to do that with MY videos. 😁😁

Is this a pattern that you might try??? I am certainly thinking about it!!

One of my favorite things about quilting is to motivate others and help them in their quilting journey. As part of this endeavor, I LOVE to present programs and workshops to groups and guilds around the world. All of my programs work well with Zoom meetings and I would love to speak to your group.

You can find out more at this link…..

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