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Creative Hour Roundup

Last month I challenged myself to be creative for 125 hours during the month….that is a little over 4 hours a day. I found that I had to work hard to meet the challenge and I wondered what would happen in September when I wasn’t in “challenge” mode.

So here is my September roundup.

I know you are all yelling “BUT SEPTEMBER ISN’T OVER YET!!!”

But…..today we are leaving for 8 days in Europe so my official “creative time” is over for September.

But the exciting news is…..

I spent…..

….hours in creative endeavors in the first 22 days of the month.

That is awfully close to 4 hours per day…… and I wasn’t even trying!!

Most of this time wasn’t spent in the studio.

There was a lot of computer time for my “Frances Quilts” business including creating a new advertisement for my course “Keeping It Straight”. And even more time researching and purchasing some new video equipment for the studio.

There is a new course in the works….. no name yet, but it will focus on free motion quilting on a domestic machine.

I spent 6 hours driving and speaking to the “Busy Needles Quilt Guild” in McDonough, Georgia…..

This is one of my FAVORITE things to do. I love meeting new quilters from around the world!!

And of course, I spent 16+ hours judging quilts for the Georgia National Fair……

(Be watching for more about this but I need to wait until after the show starts in October!!)

I even counted the 5 hours that Deb (another fellow quilt judge) and I spent in the car driving to and from the judging engagement. After all, we talked about quilting almost the entire time!!!

Finally, there was a bit of quilting time on the Circle quilt…..

Although it is slow going, I am thoroughly enjoying this quilting process.

Am I sad that my “creative time” is over for the month…..


We arrive in Malmo, Sweden on Monday and, while Michael is in the wilderness doing his work, my plan is to take the train to Denmark (a 30-minute ride) and visit every museum and art gallery that I can find!!

While not “in the studio” creative, I expect this time to be creative in a different way.

And I can’t wait to tell you all about it, so stay tuned!!



One of my favorite things about quilting is to motivate others and help them in their quilting journey. As part of this endeavor, I LOVE to present programs and workshops to groups and guilds around the world. All of my programs work well with Zoom meetings and I would love to speak to your group.

You can find out more at this link…..

2 thoughts on “Creative Hour Roundup

  1. My daughter lives in Helsingor, DK (married to a Dane). Studied at Lund U in Sweden. Lovely area in DK if u can get there. Hamlet’s Castle and a lovely little town to check out. (I live in South Jersey, USA)

    1. Thanks Mary Ann. I just spent the day visiting museums and art galleries in Copenhagen and I am loving this part of the world. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and it is super easy to get around!!! I am pretty sure that we are doing one of the local-ish castles so maybe I will suggest Hamlet’s!!

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