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How to Look at Art

As you are about to find out, I LOVE art museums!!!

But it is easy to get overwhelmed after looking at hundreds of art pieces and then it all becomes one big blurred image!!

I have mentioned before that I enjoy a podcast called “More Happier” by Gretchen Reuben and her sister, Elizabeth Craft.

Back in March, I heard one of their podcasts where they were talking about how to look at art. I talked a bit about it in this post, but couldn’t find the entire synopsis of the discussion.

I was so excited when I found the FULL LIST and I want to share it with you here.

Among her suggestions she includes…..

  • Search for a detail that is easy to overlook.
  • Look at the “negative space” (we quilters know what this is) in a painting
  • In each room, choose your favorite artwork

My favorite idea, and one that I used while visiting art galleries this past week, was to look for the Pantone Color of the year…..

I spent much of my time while touring the Ny Carlsburg Glypotek gallery with my iPhone out, comparing the colors……

I found that my eye was drawn to paintings with this color or something close and it did add a layer of interest to my visit!!

Come back tomorrow and we will start our tour of this wonderful gallery!!!




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