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Glyptotek – Part 1

First of all, what is a Glyptotek?

According to Google, it comes from the Greek root glyphein (to carve) and theke (storing place). So basically, it is a storage place for art….and statuary in particular!!

Come to think about it, there were a LOT of statues!!!

This particular “storage area” represents the art collection of Carl Jacobson who was the son of the founder of Carlsberg Breweries. Apparently, there is a LOT of money in beer!!

As I walked into the galleries, I was first struck by the color of the walls in each room…..

The first room was a stunning vermilion which highlighted this splendid sculpture……

“Little Girl with A Dead Bird” by J.A. Jerichau

I was mesmerized by the eyes of these women…..

“Girl Welcoming a Person Entering” by Wilhelm Marstrand

….and loved the story that was told by these three gentlemen…..

“Brewer Jacobsen in Conversation with the French Sculptors Chapu and Gautherin” by P.S. Kroyer

This painting looked VERY much like a piece of cloth…..

“Hermes and the Charities” by Vilehlm Hammershoi

A closer look showed the texture that he produced in paint….

HOW can they do this???

I appreciated the images that were depicted with just a few lines in this painting…..

“The Wood and the Apple Trees” by Theodore Rousseau

The same was true for this one…..

“Autumn Morning on Lake Sortedam” by Christen Kobke

These small dots of paint tell such a story……

Finally, I love the light that shows in this painting…..

“Michelanelo’s Cypresses in the Cloister of the Baths of Diocleton” by Martinus Rerbye

Just look at this tree…..

I truly enjoyed checking out these galleries but my favorite are the Impressionist artists…..

Come back tomorrow for those!!!



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