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This art made an Impression!!

I remember in 10th grade when my World History teacher taught a section about impressionist painters. I was in LOVE, but I never expected that I would get to see any of their paintings in person.

So, when I climbed the long stairs in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen…..

…..I was thrilled to find a gallery of impressionist paintings!!

I have long been a Monet fan and loved this one…..

“Shadows on the Sea” by Claude Monet

….but was surprised to see that these two were also by him……

“The Artist’s Son” by Claude Monet


“Windmill & Boats Near Zaandam” by Claude Monet

The same goes for Picasso. I truly enjoy many of his abstract pieces but was surprised to see this realistic portrait…..

“Spanish Lady in Crinoline”by Pablo Picasso

You can always pick out the Toulouse-Lautrec pieces…..

“Portrait of Monsieur Delaporte” by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

I feel like many of his works contain men in top hats!!

And then there are Degas and his ballerinas…..

“Two Dancers” by Edgar Degas

I like this self-portrait of Paul Cezanne….

“Self Portrait with Bowler Hat” by Paul Cezanne

He was able to recreate so much texture!!

And finally, this wonderful Renoir……

“Young Girls” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Of course, anytime I see a Renoir, I am reminded of the “Night of Living Art” episode from Gilmore Girls……


Since tomorrow is Free-Motion Friday, I have a BUNCH of designs taken from one rock carving. Come back for more!!



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