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Carving out FMQ Designs…..

For the last few days, I have been showing some of the art that I enjoyed at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen.

In the Greek/Roman section, I came across a carving that was a wealth of new Free-Motion Quilting Designs!!

This was the carving…..

….and no, it doesn’t look like much!!!

But, as I looked closer, I found so many fun designs…..

What about columns of curvy lines mixed in with swirls or rosettes?

This is a simple cross-hatch but I sometimes need to be reminded that simple is GOOD!!

And this medallion would fit into many open areas……

These flowers remind me of some filler designs that I have used before……

But the designs that I liked best were these feathers…..

…..or how about these feathers and fringe……

This reminds me of a simple stipple……

….although it might be interesting to divide the open space into sections and stipple each a bit differently!!

Anyway…..I truly enjoyed picking apart this fairly dull carving to find lots of new designs!!

Tomorrow we will look at some of the sculptures in the Glyptotek……come back!!



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