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Miscellany from the Glyptotek

Since this is the 5th post about the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, you might have the idea that I truly enjoyed my several hours there. And you would be right!!

I found it to be an exciting gallery and I especially appreciated some of the extra bits…..

They had this display of powdered paints……

Kids who were visiting had the opportunity to go on a scavenger hunt in the gallery…..

I was interested in these plaster models for decorative elements outside the gallery……

….reading that the model was cast based on a drawing, and then the actual decoration was carved from granite. The plaster pieces were saved and can be used as backups if the original decorations deteriorate.

I asked where I could find these carvings and was directed to the outside eaves…..

As usual, I found a number of things that reminded me of quilts…..

This sarcophagus is nothing but a log cabin design….

….and don’t get me started about the tile floors…..

I’ll show more of those in the next weeks!!

Finally, I turned myself into a piece of art by posing in a mirror that was part of a new installation!!

Since it has taken 7 posts to talk about ONE day, this trip diary may go on for a while!! However, I will intersperse more as the weeks go on.

After all, I am home now and back to quilting so WE need to get back to quilting too!

Thanks for joining me!!!



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