Putting it all together……


After I finished adding some threadwork to the four panels, it was time to put it all together.  My original thought was to border each panel with a brown fabric and then to add some other designs and pots, etc.   Something like this….


BUT….when I put the borders around the first two panels, I realized that it would look better if I kept it simple and leave off all of the other stuff…..


I kept on adding strips until the piece was basically square…..


After deciding on a dark border, I felt that it needed something else, so ended up adding a sliver of Turquoise around the edge…..


Here is the final top…..DSC09089

I got the quilting started before my meeting last week but ended up taking it in for the challenge in an unfinished state.    Hopefully I can get it finished up before the new year!!

By the way, the challenge was to make a quilt depicting a Nation, including an Indian Nation.    Here are a few of the other entrants…..

Nupur made a “stamp” from her native India……


Mary’s quilt was Polynesian in nature…..DSC09102

Nancy used “Olive” trees to depict Italy……


Madeline remembered her trip to France with her daughter……


Pat chose France as her country.  She had two wonderful quilts,  but I wasn’t able to get a good photo of her first one.  Here is the second…..


Mary Ellen had two entries.  The first was from Africa…..


Her second one was from Australia……


And finally, our Challenge chairman, Barbara, chose to depict our neighbor to the North…..


It was a fun reveal to the challenge and a great Christmas party!!!

The “People” panel


Before I forget, one of the Australian bloggers that I follow   (Emma), AND one of my other Aussie friends commented that the Scissoroos were still available at  https://www.scissorman.com.au/online-shop/all-products/scissoroo.html .  I would encourage you to give them a try.


The last of my “Pueblo” panels  is now finished.   I did a Google search and found a picture of an old postcard that was used to advertise the Taos Pueblos and used that as the basis for this panel.

Of course, the first thing that I did was to fuse the tree fabrics onto the PAPER rather than onto the Teflon sheet…..ARGH…..


Notice how neatly I placed the paper pattern on TOP of the Teflon sheet rather than under it!!!

Since this panel has a lot of pottery in it, I had to develop a process for making them.   The first thing that I did was to draw the pattern onto Freezer paper and fuse onto the fabric…..

DSC09064Next, I put the fabric onto the light box and started adding the details….DSC09065

Then when I finally cut it out, the pot appeared…..


After I got the two potter women finished, I started making pots to sit around.  They were really addictive to make, but I finally had to stop!!!DSC09068

The final step was to add a bit of interest to the background, including changing the tree some and adding rugs for the women to be sitting on…..DSC09072

FINAL panel finished……now to put it together!!!

I LOVE my fabric stash!!!

I have really enjoyed working on the 3rd panel for my quilt, especially being able to  make use of some special fabrics…..

When we were visiting the Taos Pueblo this summer, Michael took this wonderful photo…..


…..and this was the start of my thinking about making a Pueblo quilt!!


One of the first fabrics that I pulled was a wood grain piece to use for the beam at the top of the panel….


I did want it be a bit of a different color, so I painted it with some Tsueniko Fabrico Markers to change the color a bit..

In pulling fabrics for the oven and courtyard, I ended up using some of the ones that I had dyed when I did the week-long course with Elizabeth Barton.  It was so good to finally be using them!!!

And, while looking for fabric for the ground, I picked up a piece that I dyed MANY years ago and then had stuck back to “use sometime”……


BUT, the most exciting thing came when I was looking for greens that could be used for plant life.   I pulled out this piece and had the flash of creativity to use this as the background behind the Pueblo building…..



I LOVED the way that this little piece added so much to the panel…..DSC09054

I also enjoyed using the Markers to add some shading to give more dimension….


I am always amazed that I cant draw ANYTHING, but can take an outline and shade it to look somewhat real!!

When I got ready to add the piece of pottery, I decided that it would be easiest to simply print out the actual picture on fabric and use that.  It worked really well.

Here is the final product…..



The next panel is the one that I am looking most forward to!!!

Enjoying the challenge

After my initial slow start, I have really been enjoying working on my challenge quilt.   The second panel was very simple and went together quickly, however I did decide to paint one of my fabrics to get the exact color that I wanted.

I start by covering a small section of my cutting table with plastic and taping down my fabric..….


….next I started playing with some Set-A-Color and Dyna-flow paints, trying to get the color that I wanted.  Incidentally, I found the most wonderful paint holders…. DSC09042

These came to my home filled with Cottage Cheese and Pineapple but will forever stay as paint pots!!!   DSC09044

After I painted the fabric, I wasn’t patient enough to wait for it to dry, so instead I pressed it between several layers of paper towels until it was dry.  Doing this caused some of the color to be transferred off of the fabric and onto the towels, but I was very happy with the final color.  

Here is the painted piece and the original…..


Next, I needed to cut out another ladder but this time I knew to use a densely woven hand dye.

I used my “Scisseroo” scissors to do the cutting.  (If you look closely, there is a Kangaroo instead of a stork)   These were given to me several years ago by a friend in Australia and I was going to post a link here to the company that makes them, but I cant find anything on the web about them so I am afraid that they have gone out of business.    They are WONDERFUL scissors with a sharp fine point and are perfect for intricate cutting…..DSC09047

Here is the finished second panel…..


Now on to the HARD one!!!!

Making the first cut….

I had set aside several days this week to work on my challenge quilt and had 6 hours on Sunday to get started on it.  But, unfortunately, I just couldn’t get going with it!!

I knew that I needed to do some additional shading on the hand dyes that I was using so started out by testing several different products…DSC09021

I decided that I was happiest with a Peach colored Tsukineko pen.

Next, I knew that I wanted mountains in the background and had the “great” idea of painting them with more pastels.  I was not particularly happy with the result…..


After about an hour more, I realized that I was just moving fabrics from pile to pile and wasn’t accomplishing anything, so I went back downstairs and accomplished some of the mundane tasks of life!!

I woke up on Monday morning determined that I was going to get started this time. 

First step was to draw the overall design onto freezer paper and get it cut out…..wow…that is one big blob of fabric!!!

I then started drawing in some of the lines and shading……


I added a few doors and windows, but it still wasn’t floating my boat……


But, once I added the foreground, you could really see the perspective and I started to get excited…..


As I started to fuse on the ladder, I realized that the fabric was already starting to fray so I cut another one out of a tightly woven hand-dye.DSC09030

As I added more and more detail, the Pueblo seemed to jump off of the wall.

I tried my painted mountains, but wasn’t happy with them, although they look better in this photo than they did on the wall…..


I had a wonderful time going thru my fabrics and searching for the best ones for mountains.  This was my original design……


But after I put it on the board, I realized that the blue and purple were too much….


So, I peeled them back off again and went for the lower, tree covered mountains…DSC09038

That is where it stands this morning.  

I am thinking that I want to add some flowers or bushes or something scattered around the base of the building….knowing me, I will add Sunflowers!!!

I will also add a lot of thread work but will save that for later in the week.

Now, on to the second panel.  MAYBE it wont be so hard for me to make a start this time!!!

If you need me…..I will be in my studio!!!!