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I LOVE my fabric stash!!!

I have really enjoyed working on the 3rd panel for my quilt, especially being able to  make use of some special fabrics…..

When we were visiting the Taos Pueblo this summer, Michael took this wonderful photo…..


…..and this was the start of my thinking about making a Pueblo quilt!!


One of the first fabrics that I pulled was a wood grain piece to use for the beam at the top of the panel….


I did want it be a bit of a different color, so I painted it with some Tsueniko Fabrico Markers to change the color a bit..

In pulling fabrics for the oven and courtyard, I ended up using some of the ones that I had dyed when I did the week-long course with Elizabeth Barton.  It was so good to finally be using them!!!

And, while looking for fabric for the ground, I picked up a piece that I dyed MANY years ago and then had stuck back to “use sometime”……


BUT, the most exciting thing came when I was looking for greens that could be used for plant life.   I pulled out this piece and had the flash of creativity to use this as the background behind the Pueblo building…..



I LOVED the way that this little piece added so much to the panel…..DSC09054

I also enjoyed using the Markers to add some shading to give more dimension….


I am always amazed that I cant draw ANYTHING, but can take an outline and shade it to look somewhat real!!

When I got ready to add the piece of pottery, I decided that it would be easiest to simply print out the actual picture on fabric and use that.  It worked really well.

Here is the final product…..



The next panel is the one that I am looking most forward to!!!

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