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The “People” panel


Before I forget, one of the Australian bloggers that I follow   (Emma), AND one of my other Aussie friends commented that the Scissoroos were still available at  https://www.scissorman.com.au/online-shop/all-products/scissoroo.html .  I would encourage you to give them a try.


The last of my “Pueblo” panels  is now finished.   I did a Google search and found a picture of an old postcard that was used to advertise the Taos Pueblos and used that as the basis for this panel.

Of course, the first thing that I did was to fuse the tree fabrics onto the PAPER rather than onto the Teflon sheet…..ARGH…..


Notice how neatly I placed the paper pattern on TOP of the Teflon sheet rather than under it!!!

Since this panel has a lot of pottery in it, I had to develop a process for making them.   The first thing that I did was to draw the pattern onto Freezer paper and fuse onto the fabric…..

DSC09064Next, I put the fabric onto the light box and started adding the details….DSC09065

Then when I finally cut it out, the pot appeared…..


After I got the two potter women finished, I started making pots to sit around.  They were really addictive to make, but I finally had to stop!!!DSC09068

The final step was to add a bit of interest to the background, including changing the tree some and adding rugs for the women to be sitting on…..DSC09072

FINAL panel finished……now to put it together!!!

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