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Putting it all together……


After I finished adding some threadwork to the four panels, it was time to put it all together.  My original thought was to border each panel with a brown fabric and then to add some other designs and pots, etc.   Something like this….


BUT….when I put the borders around the first two panels, I realized that it would look better if I kept it simple and leave off all of the other stuff…..


I kept on adding strips until the piece was basically square…..


After deciding on a dark border, I felt that it needed something else, so ended up adding a sliver of Turquoise around the edge…..


Here is the final top…..DSC09089

I got the quilting started before my meeting last week but ended up taking it in for the challenge in an unfinished state.    Hopefully I can get it finished up before the new year!!

By the way, the challenge was to make a quilt depicting a Nation, including an Indian Nation.    Here are a few of the other entrants…..

Nupur made a “stamp” from her native India……


Mary’s quilt was Polynesian in nature…..DSC09102

Nancy used “Olive” trees to depict Italy……


Madeline remembered her trip to France with her daughter……


Pat chose France as her country.  She had two wonderful quilts,  but I wasn’t able to get a good photo of her first one.  Here is the second…..


Mary Ellen had two entries.  The first was from Africa…..


Her second one was from Australia……


And finally, our Challenge chairman, Barbara, chose to depict our neighbor to the North…..


It was a fun reveal to the challenge and a great Christmas party!!!

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