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BQL Challenge

I have been a member of the yahoo group, “British Quilt List” for about 2 years. I joined when we were getting ready to spend two months in Oxford and actually got to spend time with two wonderful quilters as a result. I also got to attend two meetings of the Oxford Quilt Guild and go to one of their big national shows.

Last year BQL had a bag challenge where the participants made a different bag or purse each month. Well, the last thing that I need is another tote bag or purse, so I didn’t do the 12 months of challenges.

However, this year they are doing a calendar challenge. The idea is that you print off a paper calendar and baste it to the bottom of the 12 inch piece that you have made. I am not so interested in the calendar, but thought the idea of making a small quilt each month might give me a chance to try a few new techniques.

The January quilt instructions were posted on the 1st and I was able to spend a few hours on Saturday and then finish it up on Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed making the piece by using only fabrics that were in my scrap box, and I may try to use this idea to make most of these upcoming quilts.

Technically, it is not a wonderful quilt, but was fun to make and isn’t that the point of making quilts!!!!

Well, today is the first day of “TAX SEASON” for me, so I know that the fun days of spending hours in my studio are past, but I am still hoping to get in there for at least 30 minutes each day!!! We will see how that works out this week!!!

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