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A Wonderful Day

I have had SUCH a fantastic day today and I just have to write about it. It all really started last night….. Several people had asked whether or not I was going to make a quilt for the Quilt Show Challenge this year. The directions are that the quilt has to feature the Attic Window block and have something to do with the season (our show is called “Quilts for All Seasons”). I had told everyone “No” because I simply didn’t have any ideas about what to do.

Last night I was enjoying roaming on the internet while we were watching TV and somehow the thought popped into my head to deepen the attic window so that it became a shelf. Then the question was what to put on the shelf. I thought about sports equipment relating to the seasons and then, for some reason, thought about flip-flops (my favorite foot apparel).

I started searching the web for drawings of flip flops and came across a series of photos and drawings of shoes. I was able to use these basic designs and create fabric shoes that go with the seasons…..flip flops for Summer, running shoes for Fall, Boots for Winter and Pumps for Spring (my daughter suggested that they be yellow).

Anyway, here is the result of the day’s efforts. I still have one small border to add to the right of the quilt and then it will need to be quilted.

I am really excited with how it looks….I just hope that others can figure out how it relates to the seasons!!!!

Bye for now.

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