BQL – Fun Photo Block

For the last two Thursdays, I have been posting about my entries in the “British Quilt List” monthly challenge from back in 2009.

The March quilt started by picking out a favorite photo. In my case, I used one from a trip to Kew Gardens in 2007……

Step two was to print it out to a 4.5 x 6″ format. In my case, I added a small flange around the photo to bring it to the proper size and also to highlight the photo more…..

The final step was to pick out fifty-two 2-inch scrap squares and arrange them in a pleasing manner around the photo.

When pieced together, these squares made a wonderful accent to the photo……

I kept the quilting simple, following a “trip around the world” design.

The result was a fun “travel log quilt” that reminds me of a sweet day in London!!!

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