The quilting of Botero’s Field

Last week, I posted about adding flowers to Botero’s field, and I left it at this stage……

I was very happy with it but felt that it was a bit busy and it didn’t really have the dimension that I was looking for.

As I sat down to quilt it, I decided to heavily quilt the background areas so that the flowers and leaves could come forward.

I picked out a green variegated thread and started stitching. The only rule was that I didn’t go over ANY of the flowers and only over some of the leaves.

It IMMEDIATELY started looking better.

I also added additional quilting along the leading edge of the field……

…..and added some detail to a few of the yarns that had been couched…..

Although the backing fabric hides the stitches, If you look at the back you can see the amount of stitching that I did in the “spaces”…..

It was time to think about the sky and WHAT I was going to quilt there.

The first thing that I wanted to do was to remove the iron-on interfacing that I had fused to the back of the fabric. It was necessary in the field but just added more bulk to the sky.

I carefully…..oh so carefully, peeled the interfacing off and cut it as far down as I could…..

As you can see, it wasn’t neatly done, but it accomplished what I wanted……

When I started looking for threads, I pulled out a bunch of blue but ended up going with one that was more of a violet…..

It seemed to fit well.

I agonized over the quilting, coming up with several ideas but decided that simple was best……

I quilted the sun area with the same design but tried to alter the size somewhat.

So, now it is quilted…….

Come back tomorrow and we will get it finished!!!

2 thoughts on “The quilting of Botero’s Field

  1. Wow, the quilting made a HUGE difference! I missed your blog last week so really enjoyed the contrast.

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