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Twenty Minutes in Copenhagen….

When I got off the train in Copenhagen, my first destination was the Danish National Museum.

Of course, I got a little sidetracked along the way…

I had always heard of Tivoli Gardens and was expecting a beautiful garden in the middle of the city……

I was surprised to learn that it is an amusement park!! I could see some of the rides over the wall and hear the screams when the bottom dropped out of various platforms high in the air.

I could see people through the cracks in the fence and it looked like a fun place for families to spend the day together!!

My next stop was the Copenhagen City Hall. There was a line to go in but fortunately, I was just using it as a landmark and hadn’t planned to enter. I was intrigued by the statues that surround and protect the building…..

Any ideas of what they are???

I loved this statue of Hans Christian Anderson…..

I am always intrigued by statues that are looking up at something and I ALWAYS have to look to see what they are seeing!!! In this case, it was Tivoli Gardens!!

On the way, I also did a quick walk through the City Hall garden area. There were two pieces here that caught my eye. the first was this big lizard making his way down the stairs…..

Who knows why there is a lizard but it sure makes life interesting!!

The second was this fountain…..

At first glance, I couldn’t tell what the figure in the fountain was. As I got closer I discovered that it was a bear trying to catch the water in his mouth…..

SOOO cute!!

I am also a sucker for red doors and these two elevated doors caught my attention…..

Finally, the flowers outside of buildings have been amazing. Many of the buildings, both commercial and residential, have flower beds sporting a riot of color…..

Speaking of flowers, I took this photo in Malmo on our arrival day ……

It is one of the best-composed photos I have ever taken, or maybe the garden was the best-composed one I have ever seen!!!

OKAY… come back tomorrow and we will start the Museum tour!!!



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