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Q-C Glasses at the Danish National Museum

Yesterday I walked you up to the Danish National Museum but didn’t let you inside. Today we venture in!!!

Now I am not much of a history buff. It was my LEAST favorite class at school. So when I enter museums, I am NOT looking at the history side of things but rather at the design, color, and shapes of things. And there are always items that are particularly interesting to me and I hope are interesting to you as well!!

First up were these two “Virtual Reality” shows from the 1600’s!! Here is the information that was provided….

The box itself is not at all interesting…..

When you look in the box from the top, you see a three-sided painting that doesn’t make a lot of sense

But when you put your eye up to the peephole, this is what you see……

And in the other box, you see this…..

By the way, both of these photos were taken with my phone looking thru the peephole.

BUT….what caught my eye was the design around each peephole…..

After I bent down to look in the hole, I realized that the two bottom circles were from the cheeks of the lookers…..depending on which eye you used to peep. The marks above the hole were eyebrows and foreheads!!

The other optical illusion that I saw was very interesting……

This is the view from the top of the box…..

….a mass of colors swirled together!!

But when you look at the cylinder, you can see the painting…..

Who in their right mind figured this out!!!

In the “Other Nations” area of the museum, this picture caught my eye……

It looked like an abstration of a seed head or flower.

Then I read about it…..

I can’t imagine exactly how all of those knots helped them to remember but I sure do like it as a piece of art!!!

It would make a fun Whole-Cloth design!!

In the Africa section, I saw this model wearing a black and white woven garment…..

Look at a detail of the squares…..

Don’t you love how some of them are split into stripes or different colors are added in. It is VERY simple but so effective!!

In the American section, there was a lot of art from the Navajo Nation and this weaving reminded me of a quilt that you might see at QuiltCon…..

Finally, my favorite inspiration from the museum was this cloth from one of the Polynesian nations…..

I am not much for improvisational piecing but I might enjoy it if I limited the number of fabrics and split them into blocks like this. Another item for the To-Do list!!

Come back later in the week as we spend several days in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, a wonderful art museum!!



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