Goodies in the Mail


Don’t you love it when the mail arrives and there is a package addressed to you?  Well, this week I received a wonderful gift from Julie Bagamary.  It seems that I was the winner of her 400th post give-away!! 


Julie does wonderful scripture inspired quilted art and I am truly thankful to have received this one.    I love the quilted portion, but am also impressed with the painted mat… adds a  lot of interest to the piece.

The really amazing thing to me is that she has blogged over 400 posts and has only been doing this for a little over a year and a half!!  She does a great job of showing her passion with a few pictures and just a few words….something I should learn!!   Check out her blog here.

Well,  my house is cleaned and ready for the Thanksgiving crowd to arrive….hope your preparations are coming along as well.  (For those of you in other countries, why dont you celebrate with us. )

Have a great “quilty” weekend!!

And the winner is……

Congratulations to Terry Grant from “And Sew It Goes” blog!!!! She is the winner of my 101st post giveaway!!!

Be sure to check out her blog as she does some wonderful quilts as well as tells fun stories about her travels around the US.

Many thanks to everyone who commented. It was fun to flush out some lurkers…’s always nice to know that someone is reading!!! Please keep posting comments!!

Hope your week is off to a great start!!

Mark it SOLD!!!!

A few posts ago I was asking for help with deciding whether or not to sell a particular quilt. I made the decision, set the price and the woman wants to buy it!!!

She was very kind in her email and said the following….. “I have a spot, front and center in our living room that I have already designated as ‘the’ perfect spot for ‘Sunflowers’. I am thrilled! Please know that having been a seamstress most of my life, it is going to a good home and one that appreciates creative artistry and the time and talent you put into this beautiful quilt.”

Even if I was reticent about selling it, I feel really good about it’s new home!!’

Now I just need to make sure that I have REALLY good photos of it before I send it off.

Thanks to all who made suggestions on the earlier post.

AND A REMINDER……the 101st post Giveaway is still open……leave a comment on the post below, or email me from my profile and I will put your name into the pot……drawing is next Sunday

101st Post and Giveaway

Well, this post was supposed to be my 100th post, but somehow I ended up counting wrong, so this is my celebratory 101st!!!!

I started this blog in December of last year after talking to my friend Anita about her blog. At the time I was very reticent about whether or not I wanted to do this, but decided to give it a try. I am SO glad that I did step into the blogosphere as I have learned so many things…..

One of the first blogs that I found was Bonnie Hunter and Bonnie is the queen of scrap quilting and has a wonderful Scrap Saver system. After reading her website, I have now completely organized ALL of my scraps….no more boxes, baskets or bags of unusable bits and pieces.

Then, while reading Maggie’s blog, she mentioned a You Tube video about a good method for folding fabric. I used this new method to fold all of my larger cuts of fabric and also those that were multi-colored and wouldn’t fit in a particular color box. As a result, I have used a lot of fabric that I would not have remembered previously.

Both of these ideas have greatly improved my quilting enjoyment in the last few months.

I have found that writing this blog has helped me to focus on the areas that I want to pursue most. I have also enjoyed learning to document my quilting process with photos, and at least one set of these has come in handy while teaching a class.

But, most of all, I have loved and cherished the friendships that have been made (or renewed) during this past nine months. It is such fun to open the blog and have comments from England, Australia, Canada, France (in French no less), and many from here in the US.


AND….as a thank you, I am presenting this Give-Away……

If you would like a chance to win this Wall Quilt, please leave a comment on this post and your name will be added to the pot. I will pick a winner on Sunday, October 3rd. GOOD LUCK!!!!