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It’s here!!!

Earlier this week, I succumbed to a long-thought-out plan and ordered an Accuquilt fabric cutter!!

I love working with scraps and spend so much time cutting them into usable shapes (squares and strips) and I find it harder and harder to tackle that large basket that is once again brimming over!!

I had to order the actual cutter from one store and the dies from another and naturally, they couldn’t both arrive at the same time!!

But I was so excited to open the box and find the cutter…..

It was so easy to set up…..

It came with one die (and the others haven’t arrived yet), so I decided that I was going to practice on flying geese blocks!!!

I cut the corner triangles first, simply folding some scrap fabrics over the dies…..

Placed the cutting mat over the top…..

…..and it was off…….

And look at how little waste there was…..

I sewed them together and quickly had 6 flying-geese blocks ready for some unknown project…..

As soon as the dies arrive, I will give the machine a good workout…..can’t wait!!!!

Also, the next International Block Swap has LOTS of 1-inch finished squares so I am going to wait until the dies arrive. That will hopefully make the piecing much easier and more accurate!!

I will be showing you more about it as time goes on…..

5 thoughts on “It’s here!!!

  1. Nice! I did use one once and was suprised at how fast and accurately cut those tumbler blocks were. Anxious to watch what you do with this!

    1. Yesterday I cut out 120 TINY pieces for 2 blocks that I am making and it only took about 20 minutes!!! I was concerned that it was a frivolous purchase but I think it will be great!!!

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