Enjoy the process…

For many years I HATED the quilting process!! I know that is funny coming from me since I now LOVE to FMQ.

Back then, I would make patterns that had lots of piecing and would really enjoy putting the top together, but once I got the top finished, I was ready to move on to the next project.

Because of that attitude, I would rush thru the quilting and never consider how the quilting could enhance the design.

One fateful day, my husband Michael mentioned that he wondered if I would enjoy my hobby more if I learned to appreciate every aspect of it…..from ironing the fabric thru to putting on the binding!!

I still remember the first quilt where I took my time and enjoyed the quilting process….

For this quilt, I had printed photos of flowers and foliage from my garden and pieced them into a marvelous design…..

When I started quilting, I decided to add lots of straight lines around the photos but then go to town in the batik fabrics. The hilarious thing is that the quilting didn’t show up that much….

….but the texture that it added was fantastic!!

And the best part was that I enjoyed ALL of the quilting processes and was actually sad when it was finished!!

So…..I guess that means that my husband was right…..

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