Let’s try more geometrics

Let’s start with an apology….for those of you who follow this blog, you probably got 2 or 3 notifications this morning!! There was a glitch in the post. I tried twice to correct it and then decided that I had to start from scratch!! In re-doing the post, I found a photo that had an error!! So….sorry for all of the emails!!

Yesterday I shared two of my favorite designs in this week’s FMQ challenge from Angela Walters. Today, I have two that I DIDN’T like and two that I DID!!

Let’s start with the NO designs….

The first one was a triangle design where some are filled in…..

My problem was that I could NOT figure out where to go next so that I didn’t get myself stuck. Plus, I was not that excited about the design even when I was looking at the one that Angela had quilted herself!

The second design started with a closed-in shape that will filled in with various filler designs….

This might be fun if I was filling a huge area but it didn’t appeal to me.

IF I did try it, I would probably pre-mark my sections so that I knew where I was headed next.

But there were two that I did like…..

Interestingly, the first one was triangles (again) but these seemed easier to place….

….although I see now that there is one parallelogram hiding with the triangles.

I chose to use a ruler for these lines and I really do like the look. It takes quite a bit of time to work so I would only use it in smaller areas.

The last design is my favorite from this set. It is worked in the same manner as the “Back and Forth” design that looks like this…..

The difference is that the lines are further apart and the turns are angled rather than curved.

This was another design that Angela didn’t demonstrate, so I had to decide for myself how I was going to quilt it. Since it is similar to the above pattern, I worked it in the same manner, starting with a column of “columns”……

…..and then filling in the other side working my way back down the column…..

I really do like this design and think that it would be great in areas where I wanted straight lines, but maybe not COMPLETELY straight lines!!!

I also used a ruler for these lines which made it easier to keep the lines straight and meeting with the previous column.

So that is it for the geometric designs challenge.

Now I am a full two weeks behind but I am not going to try to catch up. Instead, I am going to take my time and try to learn as much as I can!!

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