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Now THAT’s how you use an inspiration

Several weeks ago I posted about a carpet in the Holiday Inn Express in Houston Tx……

Then, about three weeks later, my reader (and now friend) Linda posted this photo of what she had done with my inspiration…..

When I asked her more about her process, this was her response……

The picture you posted of the flooring kept lingering in the back of my mind.  I have enclosed a picture of how your floor picture began to form in my mind.  One of the things I love to do is just sit down with a blank piece of fabric and scribble with nothing in mind, just playing.  A few years ago I took a graffiti class with Karlee Porter.  I still like to sit down and scribble using that technique. As I got to the other half, I decided to try something new to me. First did one looking like a flower (sorta) one with wavy lines, then when I did the straight lines, I thought, hmmm, and your flooring picture came to mind. 
After I did a few though I did realize that I needed to be more focused on the center.  Another issue I came across, is I had the bright idea of using a black backing with black thread in the bobbin so I wouldn’t have to change the colors as I went in the bobbin. My tension was good, however, with all that overstitching the thread on the top did poke through on the back side in some places.  Not a pretty sight. Hindsight, I guess I shouldn’t have been so lazy.

Two days later I received this update…..

Yesterday, I did some scribbles in the back ground, squared up the whatchamacallit.  Hmm maybe that should be its name.  

It feels like it needs something, so now it is just hanging around on the design wall waiting.   Handwork, a border?  Anything come to mind?

I didn’t mention that I went through about 8 bobbins and used up 5 of my thread spools on the top.  Time to go shopping.  

It measures about 16 1/2 by 24/12.  

Linda asked if anyone had any ideas of what else to add to it…..

What are your suggestions???

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