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Let’s start stitching!!

We are coming to the end of the “Sadie, the Saddle-Billed Stork” project.

Today we will start the thread painting and quilting.

The first thing that I had to do was attach the “thread grass” to the background….

I had to be careful that I was covering all of the edges…..

If I needed a bit of extra grass, I used some of the offcuts that I had from making the grass….

Once they were stitched in place, you couldn’t tell that it had been patched.

At the top, I was careful to tuck the cheesecloth under the grass…..

Everything was now ready for Sadie to make her appearance….

I pinned her on and immediately started thinking about how I was going to thread-paint her…..

I realized that I was scared to start the thread painting and began by only doing simple things, like stitching around every one of the feathers and every section of her body. That was okay but wasn’t enough!!

I finally decided to go all in and spent the next several hours happily stitching…..

When I was happy with the stitching, I basted the quilt and started quilting.

Since I had laid down so much thread on the top, I decided to keep the quilting simple.

The meadow was quilted in a simple wavy line……

I loved the texture that it added to the piece.

I did change the quilting along the two “path-type” areas…..

The leaves had already been heavily thread painted so the quilting just outlined them further.

I added vertical squiggly lines in the background trees too.

It was a BLAST to quilt and I look forward to showing you the FINISHED quilt…..

Come back tomorrow!!!

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