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A few weeks ago I showed you the flowers that I was beading.  Well, now I can show you what they were for…..

There were 6 people who were instrumental in the planning and running of the quilt show, they included four Core Committee members and Deb and myself (Co-Chairs).  I had a great desire to make something that we could all wear during the show that told visitors that we were the organizers of the event.

SO….when I heard Mary Stori speak about beading a couple of months ago, she talked about using felt to stabilize the work and I got to thinking about using felt to make these badges.

The process went like this……  fuse fabric onto the felt to create the flower design, use thread to “free-motion” around the edges of all of the fabrics,   attach the beads (the REALLY fun part), cut out the flowers, add the ribbons (more about that below), fuse fabric on the back, cut out the fabric, add the pin.

You know that you always manage to learn something from almost every project and here is my newest bit of knowledge…..did you know that you can use an Ink Jet Printer to print directly onto ribbon?   Here is the process…..

Print out the items that you want to print on the ribbon, making sure that they will easily fit on the ribbon.   I printed mine out on cardstock.


Then you take double sided tape and stick it on TOP of the words that you want to print.   You stick the ribbon onto the other side of the double sided tape and run it back through your Ink Jet Printer.   I also added a piece of regular tape to the top of the page to keep the ribbons from coming loose in the printer.

And…..voila……  printed ribbon……


Here are the finished products.  They looked great as our core committee wore them during the show….


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