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My first project when getting home was to start quilting on my Henna whole-cloth quilt.   I had finished marking it just before we left on our trip and I was ready to get started on it…..IMG_5541

I was planning to use two battings with this and was concerned about how to get it basted properly.   Many years ago I had used spray basting with great results so I pulled out the can and started basting.  In about an hour it was ready to hit the machine!!

When I first started, things were going great but as I worked further out from the center I started having trouble with my needle getting gummed up and skipping stitches!!   I kept persevering but when it got to the point that I was having to re-start about every 6 inches, I decided that I needed to chuck it and start over!!!…….ARGH!!!!!…….IMG_6397

In thinking about this, I believe that the problem was that I over-sprayed AND, with two battings, there were THREE layers of spray!!

This is really disappointing to me, but I know of some things that I wanted to do differently so now I have the chance to do it!!

For the first tracing, I had borrowed a wonderful light box from a quilting friend, and I have now used this disaster as an excuse to purchase one for myself….it arrives from Amazon today!!!

Also, I am rethinking using the blue wash-out markers as they were pretty expensive and I wasn’t particularly happy with the crispness of the lines.  I did some research and read that many people have used “Crayola Ultra Clean Washable markers” with great results.  A package of Fine Point markers arrived yesterday…..IMG_6404

Today I started doing a product test with them and the first test was perfect.   I marked the lines…..IMG_6405

…..ironed them heavily and then washed them out….completely clean.

BUT, in reading the instructions it suggests that you should wash them out as soon as possible, so I am a bit concerned if I don’t get to the quilting just after I mark it.  To that, end, I have run another test and will let it sit for a time before I use them to mark.

I am actually having Rotator-Cuff surgery next Thursday so wont be quilting for a while so that should give some time for the test piece to “ferment”!!

I also realized (about 3/4 of the way thru marking) that, if I ironed freezer paper to the back of the fabric, it made the marking SO much easier and SO much more accurate.   I am looking forward to using this technique to make sure that my circles are true!!

Finally, I was a bit concerned that, when I squared up the project, I would end up cutting off the corner peacock’s head so I am going to give it a bit more room this time.

I need to re-think the two battings a bit as both were from my stash and I am not sure exactly what one of them was made from  (I really should mark them)!!   I am  thinking that I will use a fusible batting for the bottom one and that way I can just iron it on.   I need to do some research about which “fluffy” batting to use this time!!   I am thinking that I will do safety pin basting to finish out the project although I really hate to add the bulk to the piece that I am trying to push thru my machine!!

Anyway….it will be a better project this time!!!BAB29976D4507623

2 thoughts on “ARGH!!!!

  1. Lots happening. Very interesting to see what has happened. First of all, what a shame after all the work you had put it. It does look great in the centre.But, it looks like you have discovered a lot that will be extremely helpful with the next one. Thanks for sharing the test results and the ideas.Good luck with the surgery!!

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