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Weekly Audit

Oh how quickly this second week of summer has passed, but I am once again pleased with what was accomplished.

I had one friend over for lunch, had coffee with another friend and Michael and I had dinner with some friends at a local restaurant…..that’s right, we went in and sat at a booth!!!

We were able to enjoy our first “in-person” worship service at our church……

Despite socially distancing, there was a fair amount of hugging going on!!!

I spent some time sewing with sweet Claire and continued to work on my Color Wheel Quilt. I was NOT happy when I started placing the third corner on and realized that I had basted all of the circles on backwards!!!!……

Fortunately it didn’t take too long to re-do the basting…..

My new dish for the week was an Italian Zucchini Casserole which was a wonderful accompaniment to fried pork chops…..

Finally, as an early birthday present, my friend Katie made these two cute boxes…..

I am having SUCH fun figuring out exactly where they will go in my studio. I am thinking about using them on my new rolling cart….

All in all, it was a great 2nd week of summer!!!

This upcoming week should be fun as it includes a Birthday, a meal with good friends and another with our kids….

AND, I cant wait to see what this tomato plant produces…..

Bring it on!!!!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Audit

  1. It looks like a pretty good week all round. Lovely to get out and about again, but taking care in the process.
    And the quilt top is looking good.
    Glad to see you enjoying the sunshine.
    It is cold here and that means lots of sniffles. Thankfully not for me. But four members of my sister’s family in Melbourne are sneezing away and of course had to go for Covid testing. All had negative results but it is an indication of Winter.

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