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It’s Time for Hearts!!

We all recognize that February is a time to display our hearts in quilt form and life!!

I love my February decorating because I get to look at all of these sweet photos of Michael and my parents…..

Between them, they were married for over 110 years!!!

Each month I make a display featuring one of my small quilts. In this case, it also includes a crocheted doily that my Grandmother made and a photo from our wedding….

Just look at those fresh-faced kids!!!

But the star of this display is a quilt that my mother made many years ago……

She made it as part of a class she took and, as usual, her hand quilting was amazing…..

I am so fortunate to own many of my Mother’s quilts and I LOVE having them be part of my everyday life!!

So….as we go into Valentine’s week…..

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